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Team Member Hannah
  • Bio:I was born and raised in Monongahela, PA, but I have fished Presque Isle Bay in Erie for the majority of my life. I started fishing when I was extremely little with my Dad, but I didn’t start getting into the sport until a couple years ago. I started kayak tournament fishing last year, and it was a perfect fit, especially because of my competitive nature and love for fishing. Kayak tournament fishing has been so rewarding with all of the new friends and their constant support, fishing experiences, and bodies of water that I would’ve never fished before. When I’m not competing, I am most likely fishing in Presque Isle Bay or fly fishing on nearby creeks and rivers!
Team Member Russell Johnson
  • Kayaks: Big Rig, Killroy DT, Cuda 14
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers, MSKA, River Bassin
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers, MSKA, River Bassin
  • Favorite Fishery: Yough River
  • Bio: Russell enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere. He enjoys tournament fishing usually teaming up with Joe Floriolli. Together they make team Buzzin and Grubbin. His favorite species in Smallmouth bass but he enjoys catching and releasing any fish that comes his way.
Team Member Fred Neilen
  • Kayaks: Hobie 2014 Pro Angler 14 Dune & 2015
  • Affiliations: Heroes On The Water, Kayak Anglers of Western PA, Three years on Fishing Team Hobie, MCL Allegheny Valley detachment 827 , Vietnam Veterans of Westmoreland County, L. E. E. K. Foundation mountain hunting preserve for disabled vets
  • Tournaments Placed: KBF South Carolina 2014, River Bass series Leechburg,Pa. 2014,Kayak Anglers tournaments 2014, HOW events 2014
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Memorial Day parade Lower Burrell, Pa., Hobie booth Erie show, Three demos for Wind, Water, & Boatworks in Butler, MCL car show West Deer, Pa.Open House L.E.E.K. Foundation Potter County 2014,& the start of 2015 Harrisburg sportsmen show 3 days
  • Favorite Fishery: Keystone State Park Lake, Crooked Creek
  • Pro Staff positions held: Hobie fishing team, Rivers Edge Canoe and Kayak fishing team
  • Bio: A great deal of my time is dedicated to getting our warriors out on the lake kayak fishing to help heal their wounds and into a very stable kayak. Looking forward to working with my new Hobie dealer Neil and Evelyn of Rivers Edge Kayak and Canoe Leechburg Pennsylvania.
Team Member Vladimir Golondrina
  • Kayaks:Hobie Kayaks
  • Bio:Originally from California, Vlad grew up fishing in the saltwater and freshwater fisheries of the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California Coastline. His love of fishing was instilled in him by his father, who taught him the art and “science” of fishing (reading tidal charts, understanding seasonal patterns, etc.) which was crucial in finding and catching king salmon, striped bass, halibut, trout and sturgeon. Through his travels as a service member in the US Army and working for various companies, he has lived in many areas of the United States, such as Washington (state), Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin and has had the good fortune of fishing for multiple species. Vlad has lived in Pittsburgh for the last 9 years and enjoys the incredible fishing opportunities that Pennsylvania has to offer. He is currently obsessed with catching Steelhead and catching Largemouth and Smallmouth bass. Vlad is a member of the Hobie Fishing Team and enjoys fishing from his 2017 Pro-Angler 14 and 2019 Outback.
Team Member Bill DeJoseph
  • Kayaks: 2015 NuCanoe Pursuit and 2106 Jackson Kilroy DT
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Pennsylvania
  • Tournaments Placed: 1st Place - 2014 Pymatuning II tournament; 3rd tie - 2015 Yough River tournament
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers of PA Trail
  • Favorite Fishery: Lake Arthur
  • Pro Staff positions held: Team NuCanoe, River’s Edge Fishing Team, Paxis Packs, Effect Baits
  • Bio: Born in Florida and raised in Pennsylvania, I have been a fisherman all of my life. I credit fishing for keeping me out of trouble during my formative years. During my middle and early high school years, I lived in Northern Virginia and fished the drainage ditches and small pond around Dulles International Airport. Always a shore fisherman, I got off the bank and in a kayak in 2010. I feel that I have made progress every year, with plenty more to learn. I have finished int he top 15 in the 2014 and 2015 Kayak Anglers of Western Pa series. When I am not in my kayak fishing, I am on the streams of Erie, PA chasing steelhead and brown trout with my custom centerpin rod and reel. I fish every chance I get, and cannot wait to get my 5 y/o son and 2 y/o daughter in the kayak and catching fish.
Team Member Chad Foster
  • Kayaks:Bonafide Kayaks
  • Bio:A native of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Chad cut his fishing teeth on the largemouth filled farm ponds that are prevalent in the Pennsylvania farmlands that surround his hometown of Carlton, PA. Chad entered the kayak fishing realm in 2014 when he entered a Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania tournament on the Allegheny River, and he’s been hooked on fishing from the kayak platform to this day. A staunch advocate for the growth of the kayak fishing industry, Chad is the current Tournament and Chapter Director for the Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania and is a regular participant not only in Kayak Anglers tournaments, but in the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Monthly Challenge Series, where he has qualified for the KBF National Championships twice in the past three seasons. Chad is a proud member of Team Bonafide Kayaks, YakAttack Regional Fishing Team, Fishing Online Fishing Team, Raymarine Regional Team, Gamma Fishing Line ProStaff and The Original O-Wacky Tool ProStaff.
Team Member Mylan Markovich
  • Kayaks:Wilderness Systems
  • Bio:Mylo hails from Greensburg, Pennsylvania and is a proud member of the Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania organization. Aside from bass, Mylo loves fishing the annual steelhead run along the tributaries of Lake Erie. In the spring of 2019, Mylo experienced a heart attack and a stroke, but his strong resolve saw him return to competition within three months! Mylo is married and the proud Dad of twin sons.
Team Member Nate
  • Kayaks:Wilderness Systems Kayaks
  • Bio:A native of Western Pennsylvania, Nathan grew up in Butler County out in the rolling hills of the countryside. Having fished in 15 different states ranging from Alaska to the Chesapeake Bay, Nathan has accumulated quite the diverse array of fishing environments and habitats under his belt. Nathan grew up farm pond hopping and fishing on his home waters at Lake Arthur (Moraine State Park) where his Dad would keep them on the water into the early morning hours chasing Hybrid Striper Bass. While this would at times result in missing school the next day, these experiences only served to fuel his passion to chase after a career that would keep him close to nature! Nathan's travels and background as a Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist and Botanist enabled him to explore a variety of new waters. From fishing glacial fed waters full of dolly varden trout and salmon on the fly, to feisty football sized Lake Erie smallmouths and giant blue cats on the Potomac River, Nathan has landed them all from the seat of a kayak! Nathan is proud to be a member of The River's Edge Canoe and Kayak Fishing Team, and competes on the water when time permits through the Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania tournament series as well as the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) state challenge tournaments. Nathan has been paddling the Wilderness Systems Kayak brand for over 10 years, and looks forward to many years to come!
Team Member Tony
  • Kayaks:Bonafide Kayaks
  • Bio:Tony is a lifelong resident of the Kiski River Valley and has been an avid river angler since nearly the day he could walk. The owner of the regionally famous Tony’s Doghouse in nearby Avonmore, Tony keeps the team well fed with his gourmet dogs and candied bacon!
Team Member Dain Provins
  • Kayaks:Vibe Kayaks
  • Bio:I grew up in Buena Vista, Pa right on the Youghiogheny River, so fishing was an everyday thing from the time I was able to cast a line with my Grandfather. At that time, it was fishing for anything with anything that I could find under rocks to put on a hook. But, as with anything, that has dramatically changed through the years. I got into Kayak-Anglers about 5 years ago after a buddy gave me his un-used kayak and I haven’t looked back. I am currently the Tournament Day Director for Kayak-Anglers of Western Pa and the Corporate Secretary in Kayak-Anglers and Pro Staff for Team Line Cutterz.
    Everyone says that fishing the Events sounds Competitive, but being out there with your friends and enjoying what the Earth has given you and the time to relax, well, there is nothing better. I feel more comfortable in my Kayak than I feel anywhere else. I feel honored to do what we do and being part of The River’s Edge Fishing Team is the GREATEST accomplishment for someone who doesn’t ask for anything else in life but to enjoy every day as it comes!
    The People that I have met along the way have not just become great friends, they are Family. Being asked to be on the River’s Edge Fishing was a very humbling moment for me. I just love to have Fun and help other anglers any chance I get. Kayak Fishing is a Great Passion for me. I am honored that I get to Represent Neill and Evelyn doing something that I enjoy so much. Kayak Fishing has changed my Life, and I am better for it.
Team Member Shawn
  • Kayaks:Old Town Kayaks
  • Bio:Shawn spends as much time as he can outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping. He grew up wading the creeks and streams in Western and Northern PA fishing for bass and trout. He got back into fishing a few years ago and like a lot of people he started fishing from a canoe and then transitioned to a kayak. He started doing Kayak Bass Tournaments in 2016 and loves to chase smallmouth bass, especially on moving water. Shawn enjoys meeting new people on the water and at events, and tries to promote and grow the sport of kayak fishing. He is a member of Kayak Anglers (KA) where he finished 5th overall in the Western PA chapter last year and Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) where he has qualified for the National Championship the last three years. He is a proud member of The Rivers Edge Fishing Team, Fishing Online Fishing Team, and Anglr
Team Member Aaron
  • Kayaks:Bonafide Kayaks
  • Bio:Aaron currently resides near his Titusville, PA childhood home after pursuing his career in Rock Hill, SC and Latrobe, PA. Fishing has always been a part of his life starting with the days of exploring every water accessible by bicycle for trout, bass, and panfish. After purchasing his first kayak in 2015 for solo fishing trips, he quickly found the community of like-minded kayak anglers through social media and accepted the challenge of Catch-Photo-Release tournaments. Aaron participates regularly with Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania and other tournament series in Western Pennsylvania as well as Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Monthly Statewide Challenge Series. In 2018 Aaron had first place finishes in team tournaments on Presque Isle Bay and Kahle Lake as well as a second place individual finish on his home lake, Justus Lake. While excelling in finesse and light tackle bass fishing techniques, the choice of the stable Bonafide Kayaks SS127 for his main fishing platform allows Aaron to continually expand his tactics and equipment to be more versatile and competitive on new and diverse fisheries. Aaron is proud to serve on the Pro Staff for American made and veteran owned Tricky Phish Bait Company.
Team Member Chris
  • Kayaks:Hobie Kayaks
  • Bio:A native of Long Island, New York, Chris was introduced to fishing at a young age, but didn’t begin taking it seriously until he was in the United States Marine Corps. An avid fly angler, Chris’ life took a tragic turn when an accident at work robbed him of his ability to walk correctly. Saddled with the realization that his fishing days were in his past, Chris experienced a rebirth when he discovered that a kayak could be the tool that could get him back onto the water! A member of the Hobie Factory Fishing Team, Chris enjoys competing in events promoted by the Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania as well as the Kayak Bass Fishing organization. Chris loves traveling to tournaments near and far, and has competed in events ranging from Texas’ Toledo Bend Reservoir, Kentucky Lake for the KBF National Championship and even right back here to Northwest Pennsylvania for the Northeast regional open on Lake Erie. Aside from the lure of National level competition, Chris’ passion will always remain here in Pennsylvania, either on the big lakes like Erie or the flowing waters of the Kiski and famed Susquehanna Rivers. While Chris loves competing in tournaments, his most enjoyable times on the water are the ones where he gets to spend with his fiancé Tonya, as in his words; “she competes as well and is an accomplished angler in her own right, but just seeing her enjoyment makes it all worth it after a long week at work”. Chris firmly believes in the old adage, that there’s no such thing as a bad day on the water.