Meet The River's Edge Fishing Team

Team Member Noah Heck
  • Kayaks: Killroy DT, Kraken, Coosa HD, Cruise 10
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Western PA
  • Tournaments Placed: Pymatuning 2013, Ford City 2013, Freeport 2013, Berlin Lake 2013, 2014 Bass Crazy WAR, 2014 Kayak for a Cure, Charlotte 2014, Pymatuning 2014, Lake Arthur 2014
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers, River Bassin
  • Favorite Fishery: Kiski River
  • Pro Staff positions held: 412 Bait Co, Jackson Kayak, Kokatat,, Bending Branches, Quantum Reels, Dobyns Rods
  • Bio: Trying to keep the kayak in kayak fishing since 2005.
Team Member Don Corbett
  • Kayaks: Coosa HD, Cruise 10
  • Affiliations: 412 Bait Co., Kayak Anglers of Western PA
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers of Western PA, River Bassin
  • Favorite Fishery: Any swift, moving water
  • Bio: I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania fishing the many rivers and creeks the area has to offer. My primary passion is kayak bass fishing but I also like to chase Musky from time to time. I average 10-15 kayak bass tournaments a year across the eastern side of the U.S. In 2013, I had four top three tournament finishes and six in 2014. I am also the founder and owner of 412 Bait Company by Donald Corbett.
    By far my favorite type of kayak fishing is on swift rivers. It’s something about the adventures that always seem to present themselves when setting up and doing river floats. The Smallmouth Bass might have a little to do with it as well! My love of river fishing is what brought me to Jackson kayaks in the first place. In my opinion, there are no fishing kayaks on the market that can compete with the Coosa series.
    I enjoy watching the sport of kayak fishing continuing to grow and sharing my passion with others. Kayak fishing offers a level of relaxation that I hadn’t previously found in life and I like nothing more than seeing a brand new kayak fishermen discover that. I will always try to continue to improve as an angler and ambassador to the sport! I look forward to meeting and fishing with as many like-minded individuals as possible in the fishing community.
Team Member Randy Bergin
  • Kayaks: Jackson Kraken, Coosa, SUPerFishal
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Central NY
  • Tournaments Placed: 1st WNYKFA niagara river 2014, 2nd place, Big Bass KA-WPA Pymatuning 2013
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers Central NY, Kayak Anglers Western PA, River Bassin
  • Favorite Fishery: Erie, Upper Niagara River
  • Pro Staff positions held: 412 Bait Co
  • Bio: With a profession in “Winter Sports”, Randy has made it his "job" as a Kayak Angler to be on the water as much as possible in the spring and summer months. Born and raised Central NY, Higher Education brought him to Buffalo NY and he hasn't left since. Coming from a family rooted in the sportsman tradition, he has dedicated the last several years to Kayak Fishing and the progression of the sport in Western NY. You can find him on any given day in his Jackson Kayaks in Buffalo’s Inner or Outer Harbors On Lake Erie Or floating around the Niagara River in search of trophy Smallmouth or whatever other critter may be hungry for a little 412 Bait Co treat! He will be Organizating and Directing the tournament trail of Kayak-Anglers of Central NY as well as fishing with Kayak-Anglers of Western Pa , Riverbassin Tournament Trail, along with other local and Regional Events.
Team Member Russell Johnson
  • Kayaks: Big Rig, Killroy DT, Cuda 14
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers, MSKA, River Bassin
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers, MSKA, River Bassin
  • Favorite Fishery: Yough River
  • Bio: Russell enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere. He enjoys tournament fishing usually teaming up with Joe Floriolli. Together they make team Buzzin and Grubbin. His favorite species in Smallmouth bass but he enjoys catching and releasing any fish that comes his way.
Team Member Joe Floriolli
  • Kayaks: Jackson Cuda 12 in Yellow Jacket & Jackson Coosa HD in Dorado
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of PA & Mountain State kayak Anglers
  • Tournaments Placed: 3rd place and big bass Kayak anglers of Western PA at Little Buffalo State park 2014, 4th Place Mountain state kayak anglers at the Elk river 2014
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers of PA Trail, Kayak anglers of NY trail, Mountain State kayak angler Trail, Kayak Fishing Ohio Trail, Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass fishing series trail stop in Virginia and Pennsylvania, Riverbassin Trail stops in Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee and Pennsylvania, Kayak Bass Series trail stop in PA
  • Favorite Fishery: Juniata river
  • Pro Staff positions held: 412 Bait company by Donald Corbett Team member, Manley Rods Team Member
  • Bio: When Joe Floriolli is not spending time with his wife and daughter, working, or fighting fire with the Gill Hall Volunteer Fire Company he is Fishing. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa, Joe started fishing at a young age on the banks of the Monongahela River catching anything that would bite with his father and uncle. Fishing has always been a huge interest to Joe, but the interest grew even more when he caught his first bass. From that day forward, Joe spent countless hours on the Mon river fishing buddy tournaments with a close friend from their Bass tracker. When he had a weekend off from the buddy tournaments he would be on the Youghiogheny River fishing from a recreational kayak that he rigged up to fish from. Once he learned about kayak bass tournaments Joe gave up fishing from power boats and focused all of his free time on kayak fishing. Since then joe has fished many tournaments across PA and into WV and plans to fish tournament trails across Ohio, Tennessee, New York and Virginia from his Jackson Kayak.
Team Member Fred Neilen
  • Kayaks: Hobie 2014 Pro Angler 14 Dune & 2015
  • Affiliations: Heroes On The Water, Kayak Anglers of Western PA, Three years on Fishing Team Hobie, MCL Allegheny Valley detachment 827 , Vietnam Veterans of Westmoreland County, L. E. E. K. Foundation mountain hunting preserve for disabled vets
  • Tournaments Placed: KBF South Carolina 2014, River Bass series Leechburg,Pa. 2014,Kayak Anglers tournaments 2014, HOW events 2014
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Memorial Day parade Lower Burrell, Pa., Hobie booth Erie show, Three demos for Wind, Water, & Boatworks in Butler, MCL car show West Deer, Pa.Open House L.E.E.K. Foundation Potter County 2014,& the start of 2015 Harrisburg sportsmen show 3 days
  • Favorite Fishery: Keystone State Park Lake, Crooked Creek
  • Pro Staff positions held: Hobie fishing team, Rivers Edge Canoe and Kayak fishing team
  • Bio: A great deal of my time is dedicated to getting our warriors out on the lake kayak fishing to help heal their wounds and into a very stable kayak. Looking forward to working with my new Hobie dealer Neil and Evelyn of Rivers Edge Kayak and Canoe Leechburg Pennsylvania.
Team Member John Shurina
  • Kayaks: Jackson Coosa, Jackson Cuda 12, Jackson Cruise 10 Angler
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Western PA
  • Tournaments Placed: KAWPA 2014 - 13 place overall, River’s Edge Fall Bass 2014 - 7th place
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers, River Bassin
  • Favorite Fishery: Kiskiminetas River, Youghiogheny River, Donegal Lake
  • Bio: : John grew up in western PA fishing Lake Erie, The Allegheny River and its tributaries. After college he moved to Texas to pursue his chosen profession, but always yearned for home. Upon his return he discovered the unlimited potential that fishing from a kayak provides. It wasn't long before he had acquired his own personal fleet to meet the challenges of the diverse fisheries in Pennsylvania. John has a real passion for kayak fishing having logged over 150 trips last year alone. He is on a constant search for knowledge and is happy to share his experiences freely or take along someone new to the water.
Team Member Missy Hoffman
  • Kayaks: Jackson Cruise 10 Angler; Jackson Cuda 12
  • Affiliations: 412BaitCo
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: My 1st was May 9, 2015 for KAWPA Pymie
  • Favorite Fishery: 412BaitCo's top secret test facility and Little Chartiers Creek
  • Bio: I've fished with my dad since I was a little girl, 3 years old, on Lake Erie.
Team Member Vladimir Golondrina
  • Kayaks: 2012 Hobie Pro-Angler 14 & 2015 Hobie Outback
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Pennsylvania, Mountain State Kayak Anglers, and Heroes on the Water – Western PA Chapter
  • Tournaments Placed: 1st Place Team Division & 3rd Place Individual in 2015 River Bassin Tournament Trail; Big Bass – Kayak Anglers, Lake Arthur; 3rd place Team Division 2014 River Bassin; Qualifier – 2014 Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament – Santee Cooper SC
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers of PA Trail, Mountain State Kayak Angler Trail, River Bassin Tournament Trail
  • Favorite Fishery: Lake Erie
  • Pro Staff positions held: Hobie Fishing Team & River’s Edge Fishing Team
  • Bio: Originally from California, Vlad grew up fishing in the saltwater and freshwater fisheries of the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California Coastline. His love of fishing was instilled in him by his father, who taught him the art and “science” of fishing (reading tidal charts, understanding seasonal patterns, etc.) which was crucial in finding and catching king salmon, striped bass, and sturgeon. Through his travels as a service member in the US Army and working for various companies, he has lived in many areas of the United States, such as Washington (state), Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin and has had the good fortune of fishing for multiple species. Vlad has lived in Pittsburgh for the last 6 years and enjoys the incredible fishing opportunities that Pennsylvania has to offer. He is currently obsessed with catching Steelhead on a 4lb test line and also finding and catching Largemouth and Smallmouth bass.
Team Member Bill DeJoseph
  • Kayaks: 2015 NuCanoe Pursuit and 2106 Jackson Kilroy DT
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Pennsylvania
  • Tournaments Placed: 1st Place - 2014 Pymatuning II tournament; 3rd tie - 2015 Yough River tournament
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers of PA Trail
  • Favorite Fishery: Lake Arthur
  • Pro Staff positions held: Team NuCanoe, River’s Edge Fishing Team, Paxis Packs, Effect Baits
  • Bio: Born in Florida and raised in Pennsylvania, I have been a fisherman all of my life. I credit fishing for keeping me out of trouble during my formative years. During my middle and early high school years, I lived in Northern Virginia and fished the drainage ditches and small pond around Dulles International Airport. Always a shore fisherman, I got off the bank and in a kayak in 2010. I feel that I have made progress every year, with plenty more to learn. I have finished int he top 15 in the 2014 and 2015 Kayak Anglers of Western Pa series. When I am not in my kayak fishing, I am on the streams of Erie, PA chasing steelhead and brown trout with my custom centerpin rod and reel. I fish every chance I get, and cannot wait to get my 5 y/o son and 2 y/o daughter in the kayak and catching fish.
Team Member Dave Ohmer
  • Kayaks: Bonafide SS127, Jackson Journey 14, Jackson Cuda 14, Jackson Coosa HD, Jackson Kraken 15.5
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers, KBF
  • Favorite Fishery: The plethora of small glacial lakes that dot NW Pennsylvania and Western NY.
  • Bio: I spent several years using a Jackson Journey 14 touring kayak to explore every piece of water that I could find in the region. The exploration aspect appealed to me, as well as the prospect of embarking on multi-day camping floats down the Allegheny River. On one such float back in 2013, a paddling buddy who I was camping with brought along his fishing pole. After seeing him boat a dozen or so smallmouth, I was intrigued. We floated that very next weekend, and he brought an additional pole for me to use, equipped with a Rapala F9 fire tiger lure. It took a little bit of time to get the casting aspect down, as I never casted anything from a seated position before, but not long afterwards I landed my first ever smallmouth, a 10” brute! This was the first fish that I had EVER caught that wasn’t landed using a bobber and a worm. I was literally… hooked! Since then, I’ve departed from Rapala land in favor of the softer side of life, as in plastics from the 412 Bait Company and Z-man. While I prefer to chase after the smallmouth in our glacial lakes, I’m just as happy to cast to their lake-bound largemouth cousins as well. Occasionally, I get the opportunity to float a river here and there and I also take some time out to chase either northern pike or crappie depending on their cooperation or of the mood I might be in at the time. While not a rabid fan of the fishing tournament scene, I do very much enjoy meeting the people that I have met while competing in the various tournaments that I have entered. Some of my more enjoyable moments on the water, have been where I’ve had the opportunity to meet a total stranger, and allowing our mutual passion for fishing to drive the conversation. I’ve met some really good friends through nothing more than the random crossing of paths. Perhaps our paths will cross sooner than later.
Team Member Chad Foster
  • Kayaks: Jackson Coosa HD, Jackson Big Rig, Jackson Kilroy DT, Bonafide SS127
  • Affiliations: Kayak Anglers of Western PA Tournament Director, Bernie's River Stick, Bonafide Kayaks
  • Tournaments Placed: 3rd place @ Middle Allegheny Tournament in Sept. 2014, 3rd place @ Yough River Lake Tournament in Sept. 2015
  • Trails/Tournaments for 2015: Kayak Anglers of Western PA, Kayak Anglers of Laurel Highlands, Kayak Bass Fishing
  • Pro Staff positions held: The River's Edge Kayak Fishing Team
  • Favorite Fishery: Presque Isle Bay, Susquehanna River
  • Bio: I grew up in the country of Northwestern Pennsylvania on the shores of Lake Wilhelm. From an early age, all I wanted to do was spend as much time in the outdoors. Through school, I can remember going up to my family's camp in Elk county and fishing the first day of trout season on Bear Creek. Even into my mid thirties, fishing is still a big part of my life. It's why I went to Slippery Rock University and why I enjoy my job of teaching fishing and boating programs throughout the Commonwealth. From the first KA Tournament I participated in as an angler in 2014 through now, KA has become a big part of my life. Over the past three years, I have enjoyed meeting new anglers and becoming friends with many of them. This is how I met Neill and Ev and I can't thank them enough for the opportunity to be on their fishing team. In 2017, I took over as Tournament Director for Kayak Anglers of Western PA. I look forward to showing my passion towards the sport of kayak fishing to anyone looking at getting into the sport! When I'm not tournament fishing with my buddy, Dave Ohmer, I am in my kayak fishing with my 5 year old son Aspen!